Extreme Photoshop Cs

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Extreme Photoshop Cs PDF ebook download In this book, Matt Kloskowski walks you through some of the most popular styles and techniques in professional Photoshop design and illustration today. Through step-by-step tutorials and in-depth explanations, he deconstructs those styles and techniques.

Matt gives you insight, tips, and industry advice throughout the entire process to help you step outside of Photoshop and understand the big picture of illustration. Topics such as photorealism, stylization, and retro and cartoon artwork are discussed and exercises lend real-world experience to help you make the jump from Photoshop user to professional designer. This book will also arm you with the necessary knowledge and tools to build a graphic library of your own so you can quickly and effectively create quality graphic designs and illustrations for your clients.

If you are an aspiring designer looking to get into the graphics industry, this book will enable you to create artwork for your portfolio that demonstrates a range of in-demand illustration styles. If you are already working with Photoshop professionally, it will help you expand your repertoire of styles and help you become a better designer.

eBook Extreme Photoshop Cs

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