Loves Me...Not

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Loves Me...Not PDF ebook download Maybe you haven't driven hundreds of miles in an adult diaper in order to confront the new girlfriend of an ex-lover like NASA engineer Lisa Marie Nowak. Or been humiliated on national television when your husband, the governor of South Carolina, was found cavorting in Argentina after telling you and everyone else he was hiking the Appalachian Trail like Jenny Sanford. But if you've ever stalked a crush on Facebook or can't get over the guy who dumped you years ago, then Loves Me . . . Not is the book for you! With those who loved and lost or suffered unrequited love throughout history as your guide, Loves Me . . . Not comforts the broken hearted with hilarious tales, enlightening advice, and a little tough love to help you silence your inner psycho, rediscover your self esteem, and finally move on after a breakup.

eBook Loves Me...Not

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