Clifford's First Autumn

PDF-file by Norman Bridwell

Clifford's First Autumn PDF ebook download A cute tale about a mischievous puppy, Clifford, as he explores the changing of the seasons. A good read-aloud book for school aged children. Contains beautifully illustrated pictures that depict Clifford and his owner Emily Elizabeth making their way outside to experience how different fall is from summer.

Clifford manages to get into some trouble throughout the book from chasing birds, crashing into pumpkins, plunging into leaves and playing football but he always has Emily there to help him out. Any Clifford series book is sure to win over the children with the colorful installations and comical situations that this cute red dog gets into. I can't find anything negative to say about this book and believe it would go great with other Clifford series books such as Clifford's First Halloween and Clifford's Halloween to get children into the festive spirit.

eBook Clifford's First Autumn

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