Spellbound (Legend, #1)

PDF-file by Claudy Conn

Spellbound (Legend, #1) PDF ebook download Maxine Reigate discovers she is a Druid Priestess and as such is expected to help the Seelie Fae keep the Dark and monstrous Unseelie Fae behind their Prison Wall.

The partners with her in this effort, are two very different and absolutely mesmerizing males. One is a Prince of the Fae, and the other—a High Druid Priest just revived after a two hundred year coma.
She travels to Scotland to stay at a warded castle belonging to the Druid, Julian MacTalbot.

During this time, an obsessed and blood-drinking beautiful, evil and ancient woman decides she wants Maxie dead, and has the magical powers to achieve her goal. As Maxie’s own magical mana develops, so does her love for one of her partners, and the question remains, will the one she chooses—choose her back?

eBook Spellbound (Legend, #1)

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