Silent Guilt (Silent, #2)

PDF-file by N.E. Henderson

Silent Guilt (Silent, #2) PDF ebook download TOGETHER THEY'RE EXPLOSIVE; APART THEY'RE A WRECK

When Shannon Taylor entered his world, Nicholas Lockhart found everything he always wanted, but knew he would never deserve. Still, she wanted him, and that he couldn’t deny. Selfishness prevailed. She was the calm to his storm, but they always say that blood is thicker than water, and sometimes that stands in the way of the one a person loves.

Every relationship starts on solid ground, but the real test of endurance is when the skeletons are released from their burial grounds, proving that the world is not as big as we think of it to be, and connecting two single souls that were never before allowed to meet.

Nicholas Lockhart seems to always let his anger get the best of him, causing destruction in the wake of things he feels passionate about. Now left with the aftermath of his wrath, he is realizing that he possibly made the biggest mistake of his life, one that isn’t so easily reversible.

Guilt is the one thing that can destroy a soul, especially if left to kindle. There is only one way to smother it at the source: repentance. Will he go after what means the most to him or let them go? Nothing stays silent for long, not even guilt.

eBook Silent Guilt (Silent, #2)

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