Listen to the Nightingale (Madame Holbein's, #2)

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Listen to the Nightingale (Madame Holbein's, #2) PDF ebook download Listen to the Nightingale, what an odd title. It really didn't have the story I was expecting. However, when I finished the reading I understood. The story begins with a little girl named Lottie. She is 10 years old and her greatest dream is to enter a very distinguished, expensive Ballet school. The school is called Queen's Chase. Her recently departed ballet instructor wanted nothing more for her but to go to that school. In the final preparations she saves a stolen puppy. Instead of returning him to the pet shop she keeps him. The story then involves her meeting new people, deciding who are her real friends, confiding in teachers/family, and ultimately doing the right thing. Prince, the puppy, plays a role as well. He comforts a little girl who has a brace on her leg. She doesn't like walking but when she meets Prince she quickly takes him by the leash and begins to walk without thinking of what others will think of her.

While using this in my tutoring I asked the student if she knew what it meant to Listen to the Nightingale? In the beginning of the book it briefly suggests that listening to the nightingale was a phrase Madame's grandmother would say to her. This gives an opportunity for the student's do discuss what it means to them. Making inferences and conclusions of the story at the beginning may be hard for students. However, I believe this will benefit them to think about what it means. In the end, it is revealed as to what it means to Lottie and her family but what does it mean to you the student? We could make posters of the different parts of the story that we liked the best...and describe the lesson learned in that chapter. Lottie is growing up and although she is a good girl she does struggle to find the right path. This book will increase student's awareness to being kind friends as well as gain insight of the Ballet culture. A good example of the Ballet culture is the fact that the instructions are either in French or Italian. I could also show parts of the Nutcracker ballet to the students.

eBook Listen to the Nightingale (Madame Holbein's, #2)

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