Under His Protection (Bachelors at Large #1)

PDF-file by Amy J. Fetzer

Under His Protection (Bachelors at Large #1) PDF ebook download HE WAS SWORN TO UPHOLD THE LAW Detective Nash Couviyon never let emotion interfere with duty. But when his former flame Lisa Bracket was the victim of a frame-up, he knew he had to help her clear her name. Although Nash had thought he'd never see Lisa again, desire for her had always burned inside him. To the untrained eye she looked guilty. However, Nash knew Lisa was innocent of murder, and when she became the victim of a series of attacks, he knew his instincts had proved right. Now the only way to keep her safe and draw out the true killer was to place Lisa under his protection. But did duty alone motivate him or did he hope to rekindle the love they'd once shared?

eBook Under His Protection (Bachelors at Large #1)

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