Loving Constance (Love Inspired #277) (Love Inspired #277) (Sisters of the Heart Trilogy #3)

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Loving Constance (Love Inspired #277) (Love Inspired #277) (Sisters of the Heart Trilogy #3) PDF ebook download This book was good until the baby baptism part, then typicalall false religion beliefs,it wen down hill from there.

Lies about God were writtenandunreality was written.

Author do you not know that only in books and moviescana couple be alonetogether, especially in a home andnotget out of hand? You writethat the couple snuggled on the couch many evenings on end andnevergottoo far, but reality says that humans are not that controlled, our emotions and physicalfeelingstake over and that is why a chaperone is always needed.

But your books make the girls thatget in a situation that gets out of hand feel like a failure.Why in your book can the lady and guy use self control, but with her boyfriendtheydid not? So she feels like she has failed God.

Oh and the lack ofreal communication between the couple is telling.A couple cannot make it work if theycannot talk to each other, if they just have thoughts.

I thought this book was going to be good,but when false religion beliefs and teachings appeared, it had to take a nose dive in every manner.

eBook Loving Constance (Love Inspired #277) (Love Inspired #277) (Sisters of the Heart Trilogy #3)

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