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Space PDF ebook download Born for Adversity is another in the series of Space 1999 books recently released by Powys Media. The unique aspect of this book however, is that it begins a speculative “third season” for the now long defunct sci-fi show. Fans know that it ran only two seasons, and the two seasons had a very different flavor to them, with some characters disappearing without explanation between seasons, and new characters being added—most notably a shape-shifting alien named Maya.

So how would Powys start off a third season? Which season would it emulate? The more cerebral first season, or the more action-oriented second?

The answer is, surprisingly, both!

The story starts with an alien battle, followed by the results of a seeming computer malfunction on Alpha, and a sub-plot involving Maya’s personal relationship with one of the earthlings. (Tony Verdeschi for those in the know.)From there it becomes a fanboy’s dream. There are invading alien forces—some new and some familiar. Personal struggles. Nods to characters and episodes from both seasons. Even the popular Hawk ships make an appearance.

There are also explanations given to some of the shows more nebulous mysteries. Like: Why do people inside Moonbase Alpha walk under normal gravity, but float around under reduced (moon-like) gravity outside?

The book is written by David Mcintee, a longtime sci-fi writer, responsible for novels of many popular series, including Star Trek and Dr. Who. He does a better than credible job here. Clearly he knows the characters and situations he is writing about. He carves out a great new adventure, drawing from many parts of Space 1999 canon.

As of this writing, there are at least two more “season three” novels available. If this one is any indication, the future of Space 1999 looks very bright. And fun!

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