Dragon Winter (Dragon Companion Book 4)

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Dragon Winter (Dragon Companion Book 4) PDF ebook download In a land of talking animals, pirates, knights, castles, and magic, anything is possible...

Thomas Whitehead, once a simple librarian from Iowa, was magically transported to the mystical land of Carolna.

Through his adventures Thomas became Sir Thomas Whitehead of Hidden Canyon Achievement, Knight Royal, Librarian to the Historian of Overhall as well as to the King of the magical kingdom of Carolna, Dragon Companion to Retruance Constable the Dragon, and husband to the King's daughter, Princess Amanda, and father to Princess Gale.

When word of a possible invasion reaches Thomas, he gathers Amanda, Gale, and Gale’s Maid-in-Waiting Brenda, and with the help of Retruance and his Dragon family, they set off to reach Carolna in time to warn King Eduard.

While en route to Carolna, Brenda is kidnapped by pirates. Now Thomas has to save Brenda and still warn the King before it is too late.

eBook Dragon Winter (Dragon Companion Book 4)

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