Bound by the Enemy (Bound by the Enemy, #2)

PDF-file by Jessi Bond

Bound by the Enemy (Bound by the Enemy, #2) PDF ebook download Months after being released from captivity, secret agent Randal Blake is still reeling from the heights of pleasure and pain that the mysterious Sarceda introduced him to. Unsure that he is fit for active duty, Blake's boss sends him to do some training on a military base - but his convoy is ambushed, and Blake is once again taken captive. And who should pull the bag off his head, but Sarceda himself? He is full of devilish ideas for how to show Blake just how much he missed him, and the spy is like putty in Sarceda's hands. At times, Sarceda's cruel façade begins to crack, and Blake wonders if deeper feelings are developing.

Sarceda, however, has more sinister plans for Blake's future, involving the ruthless head of Colombia's biggest cartel, a renowned sadist. But as Blake begins to understand Sarceda's motivations and the terrible tragedy that has sent him on a lifelong quest for revenge, Blake realizes he must see it through - even if it means enduring greater pain and humiliation than he thought he could withstand. And rumors of betrayal by the very agency that is supposed to protect him leave Blake reeling. By the time Sarceda gives him his freedom, Blake is no longer sure where his loyalties lie...

Warning! This 14,000+ word story contains kidnapping, D/s elements, reluctant consent, bondage, knifeplay, whipping, and a slightly twisted happy-for-now ending! Adults only!

eBook Bound by the Enemy (Bound by the Enemy, #2)

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