The Captive (Legends of the Realm, #0.5)

PDF-file by Thomas Locke

The Captive (Legends of the Realm, #0.5) PDF ebook download One of the last of a disappearing race, Joelle spends her days as a prisoner of the Long Hall, sweeping corridors and dusting scrolls while young wizards learn to ply their trade. But in the dark of night, she practices the magical arts that are forbidden to one of her kind, hoping to soon break the spell that holds her captive.

But an evil is growing beyond the enchanted stone walls. Joelle will need much more than her own skills to escape it. Someone is coming for her. And when he arrives, he will change everything.

This short ebook excerpted from Emissary (Book 1 in the Legends of the Realm series by Thomas Locke) gives you a magical glimpse into the Realm—and the people who will stop at nothing to save it.

eBook The Captive (Legends of the Realm, #0.5)

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