THIS ROAD, Part Two (a Road Son story)

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THIS ROAD, Part Two (a Road Son story) PDF ebook download Welcome to the world of romance, rockstars, and rebels...

This is ROAD SON, a band and motorcycle club built on a deep bond of brotherhood.


THIS ROAD, Part Two (a Road Son story)

Life feels good. Sort of.

Road Son is back together and on the verge of signing a record contract. And Bryce finally has the woman he has always wanted. There's just one problem... nobody can know about the heated passion between him and Clara.

Sneaking around town has its own appeal, but Bryce is madly in love with Clara, and each time he has to leave her alone in her bed, it kills a part of him.

As Bryce begins to piece together the years he was gone, he learns just how violent and cruel of a man his cousin was, and it makes him even more desperate to make it up to Clara. Their love is put on the line when he must decide how important Road Son is to him.
Can Bryce be a rockstar and a lover while keeping a band, a MC club, and a small town happy?

*** Stay tuned for the *final* part of THIS ROAD ***

Part Three - coming November 2014
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eBook THIS ROAD, Part Two (a Road Son story)

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