Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1

PDF-file by Steve Gerber

Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1 PDF ebook download What's it like to be the son and the daughter of the Father of Lies? Find out as Daimon Hellstrom and his sister, Satana, face the worst of two worlds! Can they save their souls along with the world? Featuring Exorcists, Cyclists, Nihilists and Ice Demons! Secrets of Ancient Atlantis revealed! Guest-starring Spider-Man, the Thing and the Human Torch! Collects Savage Tales #1; Astonishing Tales #12-13; Adv Into Fear #10-19; Man-Thing #1-14; GS Man-Thing #1-2; Monsters Unleashed #5, 8-9.

eBook Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1

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