Security by Cop

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Security by Cop PDF ebook download "This is a book for the average person that does not think about the subject of security as much as they should. Several aspects of life have security components that need attention and various degrees of preparation and planning. If nothing else, just the matter of awareness regarding security issues is important to everyday life.
I have put together the viewpoints and outlook that cops use in their constant efforts to enhance security and how you might adopt some of them to improve your security as a civilian.
Cops educate, train, and experience methods to prevent crime and deal with security as a full time job. It is second nature for them to know and use these attributes to do their job protecting the community. A cop deals with crime and criminals so much they start to think like them and use those thoughts against them to keep themselves safe as well as the people they work for; you the public.
I have been asked many times what should be done to enhance security whether it is in the home, business, or personal. As a career cop, I have answered these questions and added some that have not been asked, but should have. If this book helps one person in a security situation, I will feel fulfilled in the purpose of writing it."

eBook Security by Cop

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