The Battle of Brandywine Creek (The Timepiece Chronicles, #1)

PDF-file by Kevin P. Sheridan

The Battle of Brandywine Creek (The Timepiece Chronicles, #1) PDF ebook download For best friends Jeff Williams and Ben Styler, the Williams’s attic is a perfect refuge from the wrath of Jeff’s older sister, Abby. The trains Jeff’s dad left behind when he disappeared three years ago are a great way to goof off—until a sudden crackle and a flash of light reveals Benjamin Franklin, in the flesh. Stunned, the boys are speechless at Franklin’s stern warning to “leave it be.” Leave what be?

Tearing the attic apart, the boys find what has to be the source of the mystery—a strange timepiece that doesn’t tell time, it moves it. With only one hand for the day and dials for the month and year the watch is part of a much bigger story; one involving the Knights Tempus, the protection of the secret of time travel as discovered by Leonardo Da Vinci, and the five families entrusted with independent pieces of that secret.

Upon closing, the watch sends Jeff hurtling through time to 1776.Thus begins an adventure that will threaten not only the boys’ lives, but the modern world as they know it. To save America from a disastrous fate, Jeff and Ben must spin back the centuries to save General George Washington from death at the Battle of Brandywine Creek.

eBook The Battle of Brandywine Creek (The Timepiece Chronicles, #1)

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