Delusions of Grandeur

PDF-file by Matthew D. Ryan

Delusions of Grandeur PDF ebook download Matthew Ryan, B.A. in mathematics and philosophy, is both bipolar and schizoaffective, living in a world populated by scholars, co-workers, family and imaginary characters. Convinced that he is the Antichrist, the author reveals what it means to live each day believing that Satan is the true Creator. Inspired by his suffering, this man of intellect and wisdom has opened a door to the machinations of his mind. In so doing, he has reached out to those people who have also suffered from mental illness, many of whom will unquestionably benefit from the author's willingness to write about his significant life. Delusions of Grandeur is, first and foremost, about mental illness. Woven into the fibers of this memoir are revelations that some might find shocking, perhaps even objectionable.Whatever the response, the delusions that Matthew Ryan describes are as real to him as they are implausible to others, a reminder that confusing delusion with reality is a slippery slope, and care must be given to avoid injury.

eBook Delusions of Grandeur

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