Atlas of World History

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Atlas of World History PDF ebook download Isn't anywhere near comprehensive enough. The topics that are covered are interesting and valuable, but so much more is missing. Yes, there's a map and discussion of "Napoleon's Europe", but no map showing his drive to Russia. The Thirty Years War is given a map, but not the Hundred Years War. of course this would require a much larger book, but that's the point.

What would be really nice would be a "Pictographic Atlas of World History", with maps as well as stuff like genealogical charts of the European Dynasties (how was James of Scotland related to Henry VII?), or a flowchart showing the power struggles among the major families in Renaissance Italy (Medicis, Pazzis, etc).

Of course, I'd be about as happy with a website that had all of this, but Wikipedia hasn't figured out how to tackle this one yet.

eBook Atlas of World History

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