The Anti-God (Book 2)

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The Anti-God (Book 2) PDF ebook download A series of dark, epic proportions where the book of Revelations collides with the likes of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Dream. Fantastical creatures, Apocalyptic wars, and edge-of-your-seat encounters that will leave their mark on your thoughts long after you've put the book down.

When Isabel - the daughter of the Blanche of Castille and Louis VIII - was young, she could only dream of serving her country and her family by putting her faith and service in God. A devout Catholic, she was known for her kindness and work with the sick. She finally made her dream come true by convincing the head of the Church, his Holy See, to grant her his blessing. With his consent she opened her own convent in the south of France. She had no idea that it would test her conviction and faith on such a personal level.

To oversee the chosen woman's journey God had sent a watcher to record her life’s story. The fledgling Angel takes on the guise of a fellow member of the clergy and finds himself in the position of being a helpless witness unable to protect Isabel from the horrors she must face. In the meantime, the Devil has infiltrated the monastery, and now she is suddenly face to face with the Father of Lies but her nightmare truly begins during the tug of war for her immortal soul.

Although she had survived all stages of the stigmata she was now afflicted by a demonic possession. The lives of everyone around her, everyone sworn to protect her, and everyone who loved her was now in danger.

And their journey doesn't end there.. What they thought was the end turns out to be the prophetic beginning of the end. The father of Heaven and the father of Hell arrive at the battlefield and learn that the real enemy is about to be revealed. Everything you thought was Truth will create even more questions in this new series by Lisa Vasquez.

This e-book contains the bonus material of the original prologue (book 1), The Unsaintly.

eBook The Anti-God (Book 2)

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