Understanding Bird Behaviour

PDF-file by Stephen Moss

Understanding Bird Behaviour PDF ebook download Recognizing how individual bird species behave can give vital clues to accurate identification. This book will help readers to do just that, and also understand why birds behave in a particular way. As an experienced birder himself, author Stephen Moss knows exactly what information is needed to make the reader's birdwatching more successful and rewarding. With authority, charity and enthusiasm, he investigates the fundamental types of behavior at each stage of a bird's life, how these vary between different species, and how they are influenced by outside factors such as habitat, weather and season. Readers will gain valuable insight into bird psychology and survival tactics, into feeding patterns mating displays and breeding, and into movement and migration. Life expectancy and death. The book also focuses on the bird themselves and describes the behaviours that are characteristic to each of them. Many full-color photographs and fine art illustrations capture the essential character of birds and the environments in which they live. Understanding Bird Behaviour is essential foundation reading for the novice birdwatchers, and valuable background reference for more experienced birders.

eBook Understanding Bird Behaviour

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