500 Metal Vessels (500 Series)

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500 Metal Vessels (500 Series) PDF ebook download
Juried by Fred Fenster, a distinguished presence in the field, 500 Metal Vessels features page after page of superbly crafted bowls, teapots, vases, chalices, urns, and other exquisite handmade hollowware. Made from diverse metals and techniques (forging, raising, casting, forming, soldering, and welding), these eye-catching pieces also display gorgeous applied surface embellishments, from enamel to repoussé. Explore Sarah Perkin’s luminous enamel bowls; the monumental vessels, made by Kim Cridler out of unassuming steel rods; and the work of Tom Ferrero, whose fascination with architecture and Gothic forms inspired his meticulous surface designs.

eBook 500 Metal Vessels (500 Series)

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