Long George Alley

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Long George Alley PDF ebook download Natchez, Mississippi, 1965: Racial tension is running high, the Ku Klux Klan holds a community captive, and many local blacks — impoverished and apathetic — are resigned to a fate decided by Jim Crow. A novel based in part on the author's own experience as a voter registration driver and Civil Rights activist, Long George Alley follows the lives of twenty-two men and women who endure two eventful days of racial strife at Duncan Park.
Duncan Park is a place that boasts an oasis of lush green lawns, a world-class golf course, and long-held attitudes about segregation in the South. But soon the old folks at this exclusive country club will see a new generation of blacks and whites rally together — in protest — and make history. Strikingly original and brilliantly written, Long George Alley offers a rare and evocative look back at a critical, unforgettable time in America's history.

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