Kevin Keeps Up

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Kevin Keeps Up PDF ebook download Kevin is a likable enough youngster who struggles to stay focused.He's well intentioned but so easily distracted, with his thoughts jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean.Before leaving on and extended trip to Africa, his beloved teacher, Mrs. Steele, assigns an animal report.Oh, no!All that reading and writing is tough for him!The substitute, whom Kevin nicknames "the Buzzard," swoops over him all the time checking and criticizing his work—and even moves his desk to the front of the room by hers, where he has to work through recess.Fortunately, the librarian and PE teacher understand Kevin's difficulties, and help him with some strategies to succeed.By the time Mrs. Steele returns, Kevin has crafted a report to be proud of and earns kudos from Mrs. Steele.Kevin and his classmates are a good group of kids who enjoy each other and help each other out.The Buzzard is a stereotypical "old school" teacher with no apparent understanding of ADHD or learning styles; painting her so darkly takes away from the story.Otherwise, this is a highly entertaining and informative story about a child struggling with ADHD.The third person narrative takes the reader inside Kevin's head and provides a glimpse of what it's like to struggle with this disability.

eBook Kevin Keeps Up

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