Nick At Night

PDF-file by Eileen Ann Brennan

Nick At Night PDF ebook download When Mia goes home with a handsome, mysterious stranger after her best friend's wedding, she's expecting a one-night stand, nothing more. But Nick's heated caresses and seductive smile manage to wend their way into her heart. Too bad she's got more pressing matters-like a big promotion she's been working toward for years. As for Nick... He's head over heels after one night with the intoxicating, fun-loving, sexually adventurous Mia and her sexy tattoo, but his years of corporate raidership have come back to haunt him. He's stunned to find out that by day Mia is straitlaced Maria, and that his feelings for her-and his dreams for a long, hot future between them-are going to be put to a difficult test. Mix one woman's white-hot arousal, one man's devilish determination and a scorching tattoo in a most startling place and wait for the fireworks!

eBook Nick At Night

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