Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood

PDF-file by Theodora Papatheodorou

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood PDF ebook download By exploring the key issues, arguments and messages that exist in the field this book provides an international, comparative look at aspects of early childhood education and care. Pedagogical practices, learning cultures and the professional development of practitioners are considered within the wider political agenda of different countries. Pertinent policy and practice issues, such as numeracy and literacy, are carefully examined. The text highlights how important it is to engage with and listen to children, to provide positive learning encounters. Divided into four parts, the book covers:

- children's learning cultures

- culture of pedagogy

- cultural perspectives on curriculum

- cultures of professional development

Chapters cover key topics such as:

- multi-sensory learning

- outdoor learning

- children's voice

- children as mentors

- literacy and mathematics

With expert contributors drawn from across the world, this book is vital reading for all those studying comparative education on early years courses.

Theodora Papatheodorou, PhD, is an early years educator and researcher.

Janet Moyles is Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Education, Anglia Ruskin University and an early years consultant.

eBook Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood

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