The Everlasting

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The Everlasting PDF ebook download The Everlasting: Remember Love is a journey into the secret world of mystical beings that walk amongst us every day. This is a story of lost love, ancient quests, betrayal and hope. Join us as we follow our protagonists on a journey that will lead them to the doorstep of damnation.

Ulthane, a deava who was once worshiped as a god, and his cherub assistant Imidel are forced into a confrontation with a being from hell who holds one of the pieces vital to the completion of Ulthane’s quest.

The quest began three thousand years ago with the death of a lover. The world has changed to make information more accessible and after centuries without progress the quest has started again. Twelve items are needed and two have been found so far. With a team of mortals and his divine assistant Ulthane hopes to unlock the locations of the ten other items needed to save his love from the maw of Lucifer.

Set in the world of The Everlasting Role-Playing Game and written by new comer Paul Murphy, illustrated by Rachel Russel and cover art by Andrew Hepworth.

eBook The Everlasting

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