Claiming the Ice Queen

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Claiming the Ice Queen PDF ebook download Nick has a surprise planned for Katie. At first, when she receives the naughty package with the special instructions at work, she's not sure what to think. Not wanting to get punished, she follows Nick's orders to the letter and meets him to discover that she was going to be manhandled by two Doms! As much as Nick's grown on her, Katie doesn't know if she'll be up for the challenge. Do you?

This 10,900+ word erotic romance features BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, menage a trois, public humiliation, and a bit of blooming love!


“You know, Katie,” he mimicked her, “if I’d have wanted you to pay I would have made sure I told you all about it.” He squeezed her hand and smiled to let her know that he was only playing. Katherine poked her tongue out at him childishly, and he laughed.

“Be careful, little one. You never know when I’m going to insist that you use that delectable tongue of yours.” His tone had turned serious. “Or, for that matter, where I’m going to insist you use it.”

Katherine was feeling very relaxed, and very rebellious. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” She teased.

“Really, Katherine?” His use of her full name brought her up short. Oh, crap. He only ever calls me that when he’s in Master mode, she thought, frantically trying to think of a way to make amends quickly.

The next thing she knew, vibrations were softly running through her cl*t, making her gasp out loud and clamp her legs together. “Oh!” As quickly as the buzzing started, so it stopped again, leaving Katherine relieved, but wanting more, all at the same time.

“Ah. Good girl. You wore the butterfly, as instructed.” Nick had an evil glint in his eye as he smiled his approval at her. “Now all you need to do is remember that you have it on, because every time you defy me or back-chat me, you’re going to get zapped.”

Katherine’s mouth was hanging open in disbelief. “Close your mouth, there’s a good girl. Or I might have to have it filled.” Her lips snapped shut. “And just remember, Katie, the range on this little toy is strong enough to reach from here right across to the other side of the room.”

eBook Claiming the Ice Queen

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