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European Company Law PDF ebook download European company law, over the last five years, has developed thoroughly: with accounting now under IAS/IFRS, with prospectus, takeover, market abuse, transparency and cross-border merger directives, with the implementation of the European company and the European cooperative society into national laws and with the ECJ case law (from Centros, berseering and Golden Shares to Sevic) making cross-border mobility an overall reality. Consequently, European company law is fundamentally new. This book discusses the EC law first, with all the instruments through which it is transposed into the national law systems. However, where no such EC law exists, a comparative law discussion and policy aspects, namely law and economics, fill in the gaps. The whole organism of (limited liability) company law is thus covered. The overall description of European company law includes the organization, accounting, finance and closely related capital market law, as well as the cornerstones of EC corporate tax and insolvency law. This broad scientific perspective of the European in company law is new and indeed unique, of great value also in top-level practice. This book has been written for practitioners who want to be sure about the European aspects of company law and corporate finance. It is also suitable for students who want to focus on this area and prepare themselves for it, and has been written to foster scientific discussion. The author is Professor of German and European private and business law at Humboldt University Berlin. He is initiator of the newly founded European Law Institute, which specialises in European legislation, and of the European Law School (Berlin, London and Paris), which trains truly European lawyers in national dogmatics, in EC law, in the three major national law systems and in interdisciplinary approaches. He specialises in European private law and in national contract, company and banking law.

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