Rescue Me

PDF-file by Jeannie Watt

Rescue Me PDF ebook download Dana Prescott has retreated to her family’s cabin in the mountains of Nevada to prepare for an upcoming job interview—a job she desperately needs after being out of work for six months. The last thing she expects is to open the door to her high-school nemesis, Seth Marcenek, now a Search and Rescue volunteer sent to escort her back to town following a landslide in the area. But an accident on the hike back turns the tables, and soon it’s Dana that must rescue Seth.

Spending so much time in close quarters with Seth fills Dana with guilt, remembering the one time she didn’t do the right thing. Seth hasn’t forgotten, either—or forgiven her—and he wants an explanation. Complicating things even more is the very real chemistry crackling between the old physics rivals. And as it turns out, Seth is competing for the very same job, making them rivals once again.…

eBook Rescue Me

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