If You're Feeling Sinister

PDF-file by Scott Plagenhoef

If You're Feeling Sinister PDF ebook download Unlike some of the other books in the series, this book barely talks about the given album and instead focuses its energies on the history of Belle and Sebastian, the Indie scene in the 90s, and, as would be expected from a book by a writer from Pitchfork, indie rock/music criticism. This was somewhat disappointing, but Plagenhoef made enough good points and kept the discussion interesting, so I didn't mind too much, even when he delved into meta-criticism. The book works well as a sort of oral history of the early days of Belle and Sebastian, and because the band chose not to participate in the book's creation, the feeling of it being pieced together from many different sources is very evident. It's also fitting however, given Belle and Sebastian's old policy of almost complete media blackout. Worth a quick read if you're a relatively new Belle and Sebastian fan who wants to know what it was like for fans of the band when they were just starting out.

eBook If You're Feeling Sinister

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