My Best Friend's Boyfriend (Sweet Valley High, #87)

PDF-file by Francine Pascal

My Best Friend's Boyfriend (Sweet Valley High, #87) PDF ebook download Denise Hadley is poised, elegant, and beautiful. Her best friend, Ginny Belasca, isn't any of these things, and she's always comparing herself to Denise. So when Ginny decides to do volunteer work for a teen phone hot line, Denise hopes that it will give Ginny some self-confidence.

It looks as if she's right when Ginny helps a guy named Mike, who says he wants to meet her in person! But now Ginny's terrified that her looks won't meet Mike's expectations. In desperation, she asks Denise to meet Mike in her place. Denise agrees and falls for Mike. Can Denise and Ginny's friendship survive a battle for the boy they both love?

eBook My Best Friend's Boyfriend (Sweet Valley High, #87)

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