Tomorrow Will Be Too Late

PDF-file by Ellen Wolf

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late PDF ebook download Kate Fletcher has spent the past two years trying to forget the biggest mistake of her life. Naïve and trusting, she had bought into her boss’ plea to help her fight back against her greedy and scrupulous soon to be ex husband. She had agreed to play a vital part in portraying him as a womanizer and saving Victoria from a divorce she claimed would have stripped her of everything that was rightfully hers.

Unfortunately, things aren’t always what they seem. Justin McBryndon turned out to be nothing like the cold-blooded monster Victoria described. The mutual attraction between Justin and Kate was apparent from the moment they met. However it was too late for second thoughts and she had to go through with her boss’s charade.

Two years later, Justin has unexpectedly come back into her life, and he has not forgotten the anguish she caused him. It’s his turn to play the winning hand, getting Kate to where he wants her to be.

Yet, being with him is exactly what she craves most, and desperate and bold, she is about to make a counter offer he can’t refuse. For once in her life she will do exactly what she wants and grab the tiny piece of heaven before it is wrenched away from her forever. Their relationship will be absolutely temporary and with no strings attached.

Justin wants more than a temporary flare of passion, however convenient it might be. And this time he isn’t willing to let her slip away…

eBook Tomorrow Will Be Too Late

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