Black and White (Storm's Soldiers MC Book 1)

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Black and White (Storm's Soldiers MC Book 1) PDF ebook download MEAGAN:
I knew that boy was trouble the moment I laid eyes on him: shaved head, leather jacket, tattoos leaking out onto his neck like warpaint.

I've just now left behind the storms of my past, and he is no fluffy white cloud to land on.

But one wicked smile from him, and I'm shivering, longing for something I should never want

Maybe just one night. Yeah, one rough night to shake me free.

That's all this was supposed to be...

The girl had my attention from the moment her dark eyes found mine. She shouldn't have been my type, not by a long shot. But opportunity presented itself, and I gave in to weakness.

Only one woman ever had my heart and she was ripped from this world not long after giving birth to me. This girl though, she won't leave my goddamn mind. I can't keep myself away from her lush embrace.

This goes on, the truth will find us - burn me to the ground. Cause my family and I run with the Storm's Soldiers - the roughest bunch of white separatists south of the Mason-Dixon.

And this girl's a lot of things, but she sure ain't white...

Black and White features sizzling romance, steamy sexual situations and raunchy language. Mature and open-minded audiences only. Book 2 in the series, Grey, will be out near the end of November.

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