Do I Come Here Often?

PDF-file by Henry Rollins

Do I Come Here Often? PDF ebook download This is the book that I wanted Black Coffee Blues to be, which probably has a lot to do with how much I liked it. That's not to say that it's predictable - although any Rollins fan who has heard his spoken word recordings (e.g. Think Tank and the like) will recognise a few stories here and there.

Reading this book feels like sitting down with the man and having a good yarn about various situations and people. There's the rant on airplane conduct, a brilliant interview with Jerry Lee Lewis, fascinating Lollapalooza tour diaries, and a bunch of other interesting commentaries delivered in Rollins's unique style. His perspective is one that I continually find inspiring and there is always a lot to be gained from hearing what he has to say. The best part is - Rollins doesn't give a shit whether you hear him or not, he's just transferring thoughts to paper and leaving it at that.

As always, his honesty and transparency allow for an informative and altogether rewarding read.

eBook Do I Come Here Often?

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