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Mug Shot PDF ebook download I loved the book! It is clever and witty. I suspect the reviewers expected it to be magic oriented or extremely silly.

The story is realistic if you accept that super-powers are possible in "regular" people. Once you accept that, the story moves on. Tony is a normal guy in a school with kids whose parents want desperately for their kids to be able to use super-powers, like strength, future-sight, hearing, and so on. These parents are motivated by gain. And here the story slides into partial satire, partial social comment on what parents are willing to do to their children to gain something. Like the mothers of child actors. Only here the gain is a huge TV set and accessories. But even murders have been done for less.

It turns out there is also a very strange person at the school. One who has vast collections of Barbie, Starbucks and Nike products. (The book should have been paid by those companies for "product placement.") The head of the school correctly points out that none of this strangeness, which includes eating only "brand" foods, like Cheerios, affects her work. Something we all would do well to adopt as a habit.

There are jabs at a lot of things. Politicos always eager for votes, and the pandering to the fear of "SIN". Religions and their thoughts of the "corrupting" secular world, schools for the very bright who aren't (like the prep schools and ivy league schools?), bosses who rule by fear, parents who gain fame by exploiting their children.

The book is quietly fun. Yep, fun. Relax and go with the flow. In its genre, when we figure that out, it's very good. It's light and easy reading and highly entertaining.

I recommend having your Kindle read it to you, though I have heard that the newest Kindles can't do that. I have the keyboard model and it does Text-To-Speech beautifully.

Write more, Mr. Winslow, and don't take these negative reviews to heart. Second, charge for your books. People tend to believe free things are not of value. Your work is.

I do offer my help (free) to you if you need editing or proofing done. I'd like to see more fiction from you.

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