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J. Reuben Clark PDF ebook download This was a surprisingly honest and empathetic biography (especially for one with first presidency approval during that era). I think Quinn did a great job of highlighting what makes Clark tick - loyalty, self-reliance, integrity, and carefulness. He did an incredible job of showing the reasoning behind some of Clark's seeming inconsistencies. I certainly didn't always agree with Clark, but this biography made me respect him.

My biggest take-away from this book was watching how Clark managed to be fiercely loyal to the prophet while still maintaining his own sometimes differing opinions. I've struggled with wondering if I'm truly supporting the prophet if I don't always agree with his positions, so it was valuable to see how Clark would still voice his opinions to the prophet, as well as his friends, but completely support whatever the prophet decided, delivering addresses that completely differ from his views, defending the prophet for taking positions he disagreed with, etc. It gave me a good model to consider.

I also found this book useful in gaining understanding of church history during that era. I feel like I have a solid grasp on church history until 1910, and then after 1970, but I had a big gap in the middle that this book helped fill.

I liked his format of giving an overall biography, then honing in on certain elements of his work. Some of those later chapters lost narrative focus from time to time, but still, an interesting work that I'm glad I read.

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