The Why Not

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The Why Not PDF ebook download The place is gaudy yet drab, lively yet death-like, dispassionate mother hen to a brood of dithered chicks. Discover its bizarre existence from the inside, through the muddled collective mind of the outcast in-group, a gay throng of third-sex bewildered ones who frantically seek a why—but must always settle for The Why Not! Borgo Press is pleased to represent a true classic of gay literature, now available again for the first time in four decades. Includes an introduction by the author, written for this release.

VICTOR J. BANIS is the author of 140 books, ranging from classics of gay literature to gothic romances to major historical novels. He recently published an account of his life as a paperback writer: Spine Intact, Some Creases, which is being reprinted by Borgo Press together with many of his novels. He currently lives in West Virginia.

eBook The Why Not

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