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Lee the Soldier PDF ebook download Lee the Soldier is a unique one-volume source of writing by and about Lee in which readers can explore all facets of the general's military leadership. Combining unpublished manuscript testimony from Lee about his campaigns, six new essays by leading historians in the field, more than a dozen important essays published previously, and an annotated bibliography of 200 key titles, this book lays out the major debates and enables readers to explore fully Lee's contribution to the Confederate war effort. Part 1 of Lee the Soldier consists of a series of postwar conversations in which Lee spoke candidly about his campaigns. Especially valuable because of Lee's well-known reticence about wartime matters, these comments reveal strong opinions about his lieutenants, policies adopted by the Confederate government, and the writings of former Confederate officers. The eleven essays in part 2 offer important summary analyses of the quality and effect of Lee's generalship. The authors in this section range from Jubal Early, who penned the quintessential Lost Cause celebration of Lee's role, to a group of later writers who differed dramatically with those views. The ten essays in part 3 narrow the focus to specific campaigns, with an emphasis on Gettysburg, which has generated by far the most debate among the general's campaigns. T. Michael Parrish's The R. E. Lee 200: An Annotated Bibliography of Essential Books on Lee's Military Career assesses the most important items in the literature and constitutes part 4. Gary W. Gallagher is a professor of history at The Pennsylvania State University. He is the author or editor of eight books, notably Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollectionsof General Edward Porter Alexander, winner of the Douglas Southall Freeman Award and the Founder's Award.

eBook Lee the Soldier

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