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Labor Law PDF ebook download Since the publication of the casebook in the summer of 2006, there have been a significant number of developments that show our labor law in a period of important transition. Prior to being reduced to its two current members, the NLRB decided a number of cases that modify or abandon preexisting doctrines. Appellate courts (federal and state) have rendered important (and often quite controversial) decisions dealing with a wide range of NLRA issues. The Supreme Court has decided more labor cases than usual, on such matters as preemption; chargeable union expenses under agency-shop provisions; and (most recently and importantly) in 14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett the union's power under a labor contract to require that employees take to arbitration, rather than to court, all statutory non-discrimination claims. Even President Obama has moved quickly to re-shape federal labor law by rescinding several executive orders announced by President Bush and issuing his own, in particular requiring notification by federal contractors of employee rights under the NLRA.

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