The Specters of Carlton County

PDF-file by Marc Miller

The Specters of Carlton County PDF ebook download To this day the ghosts of six, teenage, confederate soldiers - The Cowards' Patrol - roam the Ozark backwoods, forced by an evil cleric to continue taking the war to blue clad Yankees who dare trespass into the dark summer nights of isolated, Carlton County. When a young writer, Marc Miller, travels to the area to write their story, he finds he is unwelcome both as a writer and an outsider. He hears their mournful cries at night and sees their ghostly images in the windows and mirrors of the old Inn. He encounters them on horseback, swords at the ready, galloping together across a foggy, moonlit, Civil War graveyard. Are they apparitions searching for their final peace, or are they something more sinister? Miller is a skeptic but will that continue once he meets The Specters of Carlton County?

eBook The Specters of Carlton County

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