The Fleeing Heiress

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The Fleeing Heiress PDF ebook download Thea Stafford was abducted by her sister's fiance and taken to an inn where a gentlemen staying in the same inn hear's her calls for help and comes to her rescue.Thea and her rescuer are then told by her father that they must marry to save her reputation.Thea, of course, does not want to burden such a kind man with an unwanted wife so she tells her father that she will not marry and tries to come up with other ways to save her reputation.A lot of bickering and arguing take place until a solution is discovered.I enjoyed the parts of this book that didn't involve the arguing between Thea's family members and herself.It dragged in those parts so I skimmed until I got to something more interesting.Although I enjoyed the main characters, I found Thea's father and brothers annoying and unbelievable.I think they were supposed to add some comedy to the story but I just found it a bit absurd.I'm pleased to find another romance author who keeps things clean but I do prefer a little more romantic tension.

eBook The Fleeing Heiress

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