Rock Royalty (Camp Rock Second Session, #5)

PDF-file by Kathryn Williams

Rock Royalty (Camp Rock Second Session, #5) PDF ebook download SERIES DESCRIPTION: Mitchie made it through the first summer session at Camp Rock and managed to snag the heart of pop star Shane Grey and perform in the famous Final Jam. Now, in these all new original stories, the second session of Camp Rock is in full swing and that means more singing, songwriting...and serious drama (of the Tess variety) are going to take center stage. Camp Rock: Second Session #5: Rock Royalty

Mitchie knows that working in the kitchen at Camp Rock is a small price to pay for the summer of her life. But when Tess's mother makes asurprise visit to camp, Mitchie starts to wonder what it would be like to live as rock royalty.

eBook Rock Royalty (Camp Rock Second Session, #5)

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