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Keepsakes PDF ebook download since i don't get to work at the bookstore anymore,(wahhh) i miss out on the joy of coming across titles by chance; all the little secret gems. now i am just like the rest of you - only aware of the big blockbuster releases and completely ignorant of all the little tricky titles that used to sneak into the store in single copies; piggybacking the dan browns and hoping to go unnoticed and be allowed to stay on the shelves.

but i would always notice.
and usually i would rescue them, to live in my house with me, because i like little secret tricky gems.

and i found myself wondering the other day if this guy had written anything else, and how would i ever know without working in the bookstore? i loved his genre-smashing The Man from Primrose Lane, and i figured it was time for him to have a new book out.


he has all this free stuff available digitally! okay, some of it is free, some of it is a whopping 99 cents. this one is free.

and it is just a tiny little character-piece about a hoarder, to which i can sort of relate although i insist it is not hoarding if it is only books causing the clutter. then it is a "collection." and you might say that is "denial" and i would say you are "douchey." but i am not going to lie and say that this story and this character don't have chilling familiarity for me. her words could be my own, in places. i will be a full-fledged hoarder soon enough.

regardless of my fear of my probable future, i really loved this story. and i am going to go back onto my nook and get all the other ones, because there is all this content!! and it is like finding the little secret gems on the TOPPS cart. only...more futuristic.

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