Maze of Death (Alex Devlin, #3)

PDF-file by Philip Caveney

Maze of Death (Alex Devlin, #3) PDF ebook download After his adventures in Egypt and Mexico, Alec decides that a summer spent on the island of Crete will be a far safer option, however unbeknownst to him several young travellers have recently disappeared from the island ...A chance encounter with mysterious multi-millionaire Tobias Wolfe leads to an invitation to visit his private paradise, Candia and when Wolfe's daughter, Ariadne, slips Alec a note pleading for help, Alec can't refuse. Trapped in Candia, Alec discovers that Wolfe's obsession with ancient Greek myths goes far deeper than anyone could have imagined - plunged into a living nightmare Alec must use all of his ingenuity to survive.

eBook Maze of Death (Alex Devlin, #3)

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