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Tomorrow Wendy PDF ebook download This is one of those "everything and the kitchen sink" YA novels that pumps up all the teen hysteria and alienation amid a vortex of drugs, sex, and emotion.Cary's messed-up in the way that only fiction allows you to be outside of a mental ward, talking constantly to a very imaginary friend who dispenses cryptic advice (if those aren't Depeche Mode lyrics, they should be!!).Other than that, she's just your regular sexually-confused straight-A student who does ecstasy every time she heads out to the local underage "dance club" (which sounds suspiciously like a bowling alley with pretensions).
She's hung up about Wendy, her E-dealing boyfriend's sister, but she's so obviously bad news you know that's going nowhere.The book's real emotional core lies with her relationship to Raven, the New Girl At School who's a heartbroken 'out' lesbian and (as name suggests) all-out funky Rave Cookie who is obviously better suited for Cary to bite into!
The plot is predictable enough, but I'm intrigued by the way this material is handled.Like most YA novels, it's an outrageous mess, by turns trashy, poetic, insightful, and utterly baffling.As so often, the writer doesn't quite find a consistent tone or message here.For instance, if Cary's trying the wrong escape through Ecstasy, and if her savior Raven only goes to parties "to dance", then why does Raven all of a sudden start nonchalantly doing mushrooms and E herself?And if you're trying to portray teen lesbians in a positive light, then what's up with the creepy pack of feminazis always groping Cary in the club bathroom?I often found myself annoyed with these characters, especially Raven who often acts like such a lost puppy I almost wished Cary could hit it off with the catatonic badass Wendy instead.And yet— ultimately, there's something sweet at the core of this novel that, for all its debauched trappings, makes me think it's still a persuasive and moving story about love.

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