Cowboy Double-Decker (Cowboy Sandwich #2)

PDF-file by Reece Butler

Cowboy Double-Decker (Cowboy Sandwich #2) PDF ebook download [Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/F/M]

Hot cowboy Bryan Raman loves Adam Richardson’s wife, Candy, but it’s time he found his own. He’s searched the last two months for an adoring woman who’ll devote herself to both him and the Double R, and relish sharing their bed as part of a polyamory family.

When an erotically-challenged single mother ends up in his hotel room, he’s delighted to teach her what a Montana cowboy can do to make her scream with ecstasy. Michalea Jones is too uppity to marry but, wanting to teach her more, he invites her to the ranch for a few weeks. No strings, but if she wants to share, Adam is eager to help Bryan meet needs she never knew she had.

Kaela craves their touch and is desperate for roots and a sense of permanence. But though she loves him, Bryan won’t give her what she needs: his trust and his heart.

eBook Cowboy Double-Decker (Cowboy Sandwich #2)

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