Final Passage

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Final Passage PDF ebook download When we enter this life, we are surrounded by caring and love.
We deserve caring and love again when this life ends.
In this groundbreaking book on the meaning of death, Barbara Harris Whitfield shares with you her near-death experiences and the stories of individuals who, assisted by her loving help, left this life with dignity. These accounts will inspire you, allow you to accept death more easily, and reveal the connection to the Spirit that embraces and guides us all as we die. Whitfield demonstrates how it is possible for terminal patients to be fully present even in their deepest pain so that they can spread kind-ness, compassion and forgiveness to their loved ones.
Whether you fear death because it symbolizes the unknown, marvel at its awesome mystery, or grieve for a loved one it has claimed, this book will answer your questions about what happens when we die."

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