Ellis 2

PDF-file by Aislinn Cruse

Ellis 2 PDF ebook download In this breath-taking sequel to Ellis, Avis finds herself left for dead far from home with only one memory. This memory leads her to Tyler Ellis's time travel pendant, but it shatters when she makes her wish and she is stuck traveling her memories until she can piece it back together. All her questions about the blockade, the war, and a man who visits her nightmares, are answered. Avis must stop the leaders of the enemy country and the man in her nightmares before her family is taken from her, her foster father is murdered before her eyes, and the pendant falls into evil hands. Can Avis remember her life, her love for her family, and figure out how to stop the dishonorable people, that would kill for the pendant, before it is too late.

eBook Ellis 2

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