Odd Couples

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Odd Couples PDF ebook download At crucial moments in modern British history, it has been the actions of pairs of politicians that have changed the course of government. In this original account, acclaimed political biographer Giles Radice shows how combinations of politicians, often with contrasting though complementary talents, have at key 'crossroad moments' worked together to shape events. Despite clashing ambitions, sometimes conflicting, and always strong egos, these leaders were able to overlook their differences in pursuit of a common cause, proving that cooperation can exist between political rivals. As Radice argues, successful pairings usually require an alliance between initiators (such as Churchill, Thatcher, Macmillan and Blair) and facilitators (Attlee, Whitelaw, Butler and Brown). Gordon Brown's eventual inability to accept the power relationship between himself and Tony Blair was the key to the ultimate failure of New Labour and was in contrast to Attlee's loyalty to Churchill or Butler's continuous support for Macmillan. Radice narrates the stories of some of the greatest political players of post-war British politics, showing how their relationships determined the great successes - and sometimes the greatest downfalls - of their careers.

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