Red River, Vol. 11 (Red River, #11)

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Red River, Vol. 11 (Red River, #11) PDF ebook download Yuri, a teen of the twenty-first century, has been transported to ancient Anatolia as part of a scheme by the evil Nakia, Queen of the Hittites. Only the intervention of Nakia's stepson, Prince Kail, save Yuri from the Queen's bloodthirsty intentions. As an unintended consequence, the people of the kingdoms of Anatolia are now convinced that Yuri is the incarnation of the great war-goddess Ishtar.

But even a goddess has no immunity from persecution when she's falsely accused of the murder of the Hittite king. Forced to flee to Alinna, Yuri must deal with treachery, abduction by the Egyptian military commander Ramses, and someone's tragic self-sacrifice. And in the midst of all this turmoil, Yuri's potent feelings for Prince Kail, ever fraught with uncertainty, are shaken to their very foundations!

eBook Red River, Vol. 11 (Red River, #11)

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