A Rebel's Daughter

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A Rebel's Daughter PDF ebook download Arabella Stevenson attends a private school and has servants, but her upper-class lifestyle is turned on its head when her barrister father is jailed for his part in the Rebellion of 1837. Her brother has disappeared, her mother sits and sulks, and Arabella is forced to support herself by working as a scullery maid in the home of a former classmate. Worse yet, she is forced to endure the agony of not knowing whether she will ever see her beloved father again.

Told in the form of a diary, this Canadian historical fiction stays true to a young girl's voice as she is forced to make decisions about her life and her future. The story contains fascinating details about Toronto and the class attitudes prevalent in Upper Canada at that time. This book would appeal to students from grade 5-8 and corresponds to topics in the Grade 8 history curriculum in Ontario.

eBook A Rebel's Daughter

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