Horrid Henry's Nits

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Horrid Henry's Nits PDF ebook download This is one of a large series of books, yet I have chosen this story as it is definitely something all children school going age can relate to. In this book, as in all the series, it is about a little boy with quite unpleasant tendencies and ideas who lives with his brother “Perfect Peter” and his Mum and Dad. It tells the rather hilarious story of Henry coming home with head lice and going under the rigorous treatment of his mum attempting to get rid of them, yet Horrid Henry has other plans!After the battle with his mum is won, Nitty Nora Bug Explorer Again comes to the rescue much to Henry’s disappointment, but not before he gets the chance to pass them to all his friends in his own attempt to get rid of them!
This setting is great for children’s perspective on family life as I think we can all relate to the characters whether we were/are considered “horrid” and hence have to deal with living in the shadow of the apparently “perfect” sibling, or of course being the “good” child and having to entertain the antics of your brother or sister less inclined to do what is asked of them. It is amusingly told with fitting illustrations, great for engaging the reader.

eBook Horrid Henry's Nits

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