Midnight Sons, Volume 3 (Midnight Sons Series 5-6)

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Midnight Sons, Volume 3 (Midnight Sons Series 5-6) PDF ebook download 3 1/2 stars
The final set of books in the Midnight Sons Series.

Falling For Him
After the build up from the first book, Christian and Mariah finally get their story told.
A cute story and a good ending for the two of them.Lots of continuation of the Hard Luck story in this one, too...Sawyer and Abby are a constant in this one.Matt and Karen have scenes, too.It is fun to "visit" with the characters from former books.

Ending in Marriage
Another story begun long ago...Duke and Tracy's story.
This books picks up right where Falling For Him ends.Duke and Tracy have been fighting since the moment they met.Of course, it wasn't because they didn't like each other.
I was really looking forward to this story.I liked Duke and the idea of them arguing all the time.It was a good set-up.The story was a slight bit disappointing.There was a lot of focus on Ben and the Hard Luck Cafe that detracted from Duke and Tracy.It seems that Ben's story was added for "filler" to make the book longer, but it didn't really make a good enough story—it was ended abruptly and I didn't care for that.

I liked this book and the entire series.I plan to pick up Born in a Small Town Harlequin Superromance No. 936 to follow-up with Hard Luck.It is Scott's story—all grown-up.

eBook Midnight Sons, Volume 3 (Midnight Sons Series 5-6)

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