One Wild Night [Enjoying the Chase Novella]

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One Wild Night [Enjoying the Chase Novella] PDF ebook download ****All of the author's profits and royalties from the sale of this ebook will be donated to MacMillan Nurses for the wonderful work that they do. [Registered charity number 261017]*****

An 'Enjoying the Chase' novella.

Twelve overgrown man-children, sixteen hours, and a whole lot of liquor. Just how much fun can be had in one night?

Join Nate, Ashton and their friends on a wild night out on the town.

*NOTE* This is NOT a romance story, it's a short (approx 22 thousand word) humour sketch. It's an Enjoying the Chase novella featuring characters from my other published novels - Enjoying the Chase and Nothing Left to Lose. WARNING - Contains spoilers for both books.

eBook One Wild Night [Enjoying the Chase Novella]

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